Digital-first FnB Solution

Pioneer in restaurant digitization with the ability to maximize new online consumption behavior after Covid Pandemic. Tech Brand is building a whole-new infrastructure for FnB to take advantage of e-commerce and food delivery.

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Take restaurant scale
to the whole new level

Software re-built

Our proprietary software, HUB, reduces the burden of online order management and integrates well with other operation functions such as inventory management, CRM, and other online sale direct channels

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Outlets re-organized

Maximize the ability to sell online with a combination of multi-brand cloud kitchens with lean satellite selling points for neighborhood called digital kiosks

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Food re-created

Food meals are modified to suit food delivery and quick-commerce operation including menu items, packaging, storage, processing, and cooking

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M Cafein

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Chicken Rice – Cơm gà Xối xả

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Chicken Rice – Cơm Gà Nướng Lu 99

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Cơm Thố A Cay

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Fried rice – Com Rang Quoc Dan

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Brocken rice – Com Tam Quan 1

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Noodle – Bun Ca Mang Cay Đệ Nhất

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Digital restaurant vs
Traditional restaurant



Rental fee
Only 1.5% – 3% of revenue-rental ratio rather than 15 – 25% as traditional dine-in restaurants

1-2 people

Only from 1 to 2 people for a turnover of $250 daily rather than 3 – 6 staffs for the same sales


CAPEX-revenue ratio
Total CAPEX investment is 3% on year revenue. Just ⅓ compared to traditional restaurants at the same sales level


Iterate with ease
The restaurateurs easily change everything from food concepts to operations without worrying about renovating much in space, branding, and service to follow suit

5-10 days

Time to launch
Ready to get the very first orders within 10 days thanks to fewer requirements of space decoration, operation, and service than traditional restaurants


Rental fee
Especially, prime locations can take 15% – 25% of total revenue

3-6 people

Traditional restaurant needs more staff and is limited by equipped tables. To reach 5M VNĐ/day, restaurants may need 3-6 people

~3 years

CAPEX-revenue ratio
Total CAPEX investment is 10% of year revenue. 3-time higher than digital restaurants at the same sales level


Hard to iterate
Constrained by fixed equipment, decoration, menu, and others, restaurateurs hesitate to change for adapting to new customer behavior

60-90 days

Time to launch
Traditional restaurants need at least 2 months for construction, setting up, and opening an outlet due to complex requirements of decoration, architecture, operation, and service

Together with Tech Brand step into the era of Digital restaurant

Together with Tech Brand step into the era of Digital restaurant

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